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Bill Gates to Build Machine for Control Weather; Plans Thwarted by Daniel Craig in New ‘James Bond’

BondJK!!!  There's no new James Bond movie, silly.  Bill Gates is, however, attempting to control the weather with a new plan to build a series of machines whose primary purpose is to shift the temperature of the ocean slightly enough during hurricane season to prevent the storms from becoming as devastating as they have in the past few years. 

What this entails is a series of boats - lets' call them "dingies" (teehee) - arranged strategically in areas of the ocean where a hurricane would be born.  These dingies will be deployed and activated when an emerging storm is detected to cool the water a bit to prevent the storm from becoming continent-consuming.  The next step is to take control of the storms and use them to whip all of the iPods to Mars.

It's cool to see huge technological ideas come from that guy who buys shoes with Jerry Seinfeld.  Maybe he'll start a big company one day and become a billionaire.


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